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Commonly Asked Questions 

What Services Does Black Dog Painting provide?

Black Dog Painting LLC specializes in managing your industrial and commercial painting projects offering a range of services from cleaning, blasting, painting and coating designed to meet your unique concerns.

How Reliable is Black Dog Painting?

Facility owners, engineers and plant managers agree that Black Dog Painting LLC can be trusted to get things done right and on time. Got a problem and a short time frame? No problem.  We handle it so you do not have to worry.

What are the most common services Black Dog Painting provide?

Re-paints, maintenance, coatings, waterproofing, floors, linings, containment and high performance systems.  We custom design and build your best solution for your budget and time frame.  We know coatings.

Does Black Dog Painting provide repaint services?

Yes we provide interior and exterior repaints, maintenance painting, machinery, ceilings, structural steel and concrete.

Does Black Dog Painting provide consulting services?

Environmental conditions, chemicals both in manufacturing and process, moisture and surface preparation all play a major role in selecting the right coating systems. Issues that are not addressed in good corrosion programs often result in costly coating failures. Down time, production losses, safety issues or loss of corporate status, all cost money.

How experienced is Black Dog Painting?

At Black Dog Painting LLC, we understand paint & coatings. Your asset protection deserves the best system uniquely designed for your particular project needs. Shaking hands with the right company that turn keys your project needs from conception to contract completion is paramount.
We lead the pack in engineering systems that keeps all of your property protected. Over 35 years of experience with all aspects of paint and coatings.

Is Black Dog Painting Certified?

Yes, we are SSPC Certified Protective Coatings Specialists. We understand your problems and have solutions to meet your requirements.
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